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The WellCurves.com site is the most trusted and reliable online store selling top-quality medicines for men’s and women’s health. The remarkable part of our website is an inclusive store, equipping generic medicines at a reasonable price. In comparison with other online stores, our site has the most unique features to fulfill our consumer’s requirements. We provide speedy delivery of the purchased ED product with complete precautions and offer significant Generic Viagra online. The packaged product gets delivered to our consumer’s doorstep in secure and discreet packaging within the predetermined duration. In case of any kind of inconvenience in mentioned provision and condition would be entitled to certain repayments as per the policy.  

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Here is a few detailed information about the Generic Viagra medicines and their procedures.

How do Generic Viagra and Viagra differ from each other?

Buy Generic Viagra Online which contains an active component known as Sildenafil Citrate same as the Viagra. The working effect is similar to Viagra to achieve an erection and both have shown about 82% effectiveness in treating ED. The only difference to point out is if it does not sell under the brand name it is available at a low cost than the original. 

Is Generic Viagra safe to use?

Yes, this male enhancement tablet is safe and effective to use. Order online Generic Viagra has been approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). But you have to ensure the quality of the product and therefore need to purchase Sildenafil Citrate online from WellCurves.com's most trusted online store. 

How to properly administer these Sildenafil Citrate pills?

It is usually available in a pill form that is easily consumed by mouth with water and is taken without food. If taken with a meal may delay the absorption process and its efficacy. But if it is recommended to take it with a meal, then, one should avoid consuming greasy or oily foods. As these types of foods can cause an increased risk of unwanted side effects.

How does this Generic Viagra work in the treatment of ED disorder?

Purchase Generic Viagra online which belongs to the group known as Phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE5) same as the Viagra pill. The main function of the PDE5 inhibitors is to relax the blood vessels so as to improve the blood flow to certain parts of the body including the penis and enables an erection. This male impotence pill does not help to increase sexual interest, but only works when one has sexual arousal. 

Who is not recommended to use Generic Viagra?

Few health conditions restrict one to use this Generic Viagra pill safely to avoid causing any health risks. 

  • If one has a heart problem or has a recent heart stroke. 
  • If taking any nitrate-containing medicines, especially, it is used for chest pains. 
  • If have liver or renal problems

Does Generic Viagra cure ED disorder?

No, the Generic Viagra ED pill helps in the treatment of ED disorder, but it does not cure the condition. These male enhancement pills help to have an erection. But to cure the condition, one needs to find the root cause and cure the problems. 

Are there any side effects of Generic Viagra?

A few common side effects may occur, such as stuffy nose, dizziness, indigestion, changes in vision, and flushed face. Other side effects that are rare, but can occur, such as skin rashes, tiredness, muscle aches, heart palpitation, vomiting, and evidence of blood in the urine. 

Precautions to be taken while using Generic Viagra?

  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol when using Generic Viagra as it may interact with the medicine and can increase the risk of unwanted side effects.
  • Avoid using this with other medicines, especially nitrate-containing pills used for chest pains. The interaction can be fatal when used together and hence should not be taken under any circumstances. 
  • If has nausea or feel dizziness then, it may help to take this Sildenafil Citrate ED tablet with food. But one should know that it may delay the absorption and effect of the medicine.

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