Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy has been closely developed to safeguard the personal and confidential information of our website users. Please go through the privacy policy before you make use of the website.

Personal Information

Our website is SSL secured which ensures that one can safely access the website without revealing your personal information which includes such as your name, email address, physical address, contact information, and many more.

But if one wants to place an order from the website then one will be required to provide personal information. This information received through orders is saved only for transactional purposes. That is, it will be used in case of reshipment and re-orders.

In case you ordered any product from the site, the credit card details will be needed for the payment transaction process, but it would not be saved anywhere.

The consumer's personal information will not be disclosed unless we have written consent from the user as per the site policy.

No advertising emails

We follow ethical business practices and therefore the data we received, and store are for transactional purposes only.

It is not used to SPAM the consumer's mail address.

To receive a promotional letter, one needs to accept 'Update service'.

The consumer's request, the usage of the website, and the delivery are under the confidentiality agreement which forbids the website from disclosing any sensitive information of the customer to any third parties.